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  • Saxon villages included in an European wildflower festival

    The beauty and fragrance of summers in the Transylvanian Saxon grasslands ​​will be celebrated in the Festival of Wildflowers, a May event which includes Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria and Scotland areas. This festival is held this year for the first time, and it aims to highlight the beauty of the flora, the richness of landscapes and […]

  • Top 10 at Dracula’s Lair

    Nicknamed „Dracula’s Lair” for the foreign tourists’ sake, Bran Castle, with its 57 rooms on four floors, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Romania. It is a stylish labyrinth of rooms, hallways, stairs, passages, terraces, waiting rooms and balconies, climbed on a steep cliff, on the best spot ever in order to […]

  • Seven things to do for free in Cluj

    Besides museums or art galleries with admission fees, Cluj also offers a variety of tourist attractions free of charge. Basically, that includes the historical and architectonic legacy of the city, but also the cultural and recreational areas. Here’s a list made by with seven examples of places and things that can be seen and/or […]

  • Interactive map: the stone churches from Haţeg country

    They are not as famous internationally as the monasteries of Bukovina nor as worshiped as the wooden churches of Maramureş. They are not even fortified as the Saxon churches from Southern Transylvania. And yet, according to historians, these churches, that is the stone churches from Haţeg country ...

  • Top 10 to see at the Pharmacy Museum

    The Pharmacy History Collection from the National History Museum of Transylvania is highly recommended by Lonely Planet guide, not only for its atmosphere but also for the sense of humor with which, the curator Radu Crişan guides tourists. Muzeul Farmaciei (the Pharmacy Museum), as everyone calls it, nowadays functions in the building that once used […]

  • Lonely Planet author: “Romania has made amazing progress”

    Leif Pettersen is an independent travel writer and blogger, polyglot and also owner of a highly caustic sense of humor. He traveled in over 50 countries and lived in Spain, Romania and Italy, outside his native America. He is co-author of the Lonely Planet guide of Romania, first printed in 1998 and now at its […]