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  • How to relax like Prince Charles, on a budget

    The passion of the heir to the British Throne for Transylvania is not a secret to anyone. Prince Charles first visited Transylvania in 1998 and since then he has returned almost every year, being involved in several sustainable development projects run by NGOs. In 2006, Prince Charles has bought a property in Viscri (Deutsch-Weisskirch), Braşov, […]

  • Tracking the Michelin stars of Cluj-Napoca

    Sibiu is the only city in Romania rated three stars by Michelin Green Guide. The prestigious publication rates Cluj with a single star, semantically equivalent to the term “interesting”. In order to have comparison terms, three stars means “do visit/worth the trip” and two stars “worth a detour”. However, there are  some sights of Cluj […]

  • Trail: the four citadels of Cluj

    The trail, on Google maps This tourist route is especially for all those passionate about history and it aims to bring together the four fortifications whose relics are nowadays within the city. Step 1 (A) – Start from Calvaria Church in Mănăştur. One can reach the plateau on which the church is built by the […]

  • Three wonderful village escapes

    Have you had enough of traffic, horns, masses of people on the streets, smoke, concrete and city disgust? Have a break then from turmoil and stress in one of the three villages hidden among hills or mountains that we advise you to visit. In all these three places, rather than traffic, you will find carts […]

  • Ten places in Transylvania that made the world wonder

    Several sights from Transylvania stood out in the last years by their inclusion in various world rankings or selections, or at least continental ones, made by famous publications. Castles, hiking paths, ancient villages and idyllic towns found their place in selected companies,  on the list with “celebrities” in the field. introduces, in alphabetical order, […]

  • The Museum of Saxon ingenuity

    10 kilometers away from Bistriţa, on the way to Bucovina, it is worth making a couple of minutes detour, until the Museum „Casa Săsească” (“The Saxon House ), located only a few hundred meters distance from the national highway. The Museum from Livezile was set up based on the work of a local prominent collector, […]

  • The princess from the latrine

    Turda History Museum is reliving  its “youth” once it was reopened to the public in 2011, after 14 (!) years of renovation. Set in the most important civil building of mediaeval Turda, the Princely Palace, the small museum certainly deserves a detour into, from or to , Salina Turda (Turda Salt Mine), the main tourist […]

  • A sea of green: the reed beds of Sic

    The reed beds of Sic represent one of the most accessible nature reserves, situated just outside the picturesque village. The most easy way to reach this destination from Cluj-Napoca is via Gherla and Nicula. It is preferable to take this route even if it is longer than the county road through Jucu, which though shorter, […]